Funding Terms

LPF Group typically funds:

  • The payment of the plaintiff’s litigation costs (including meeting legal and expert costs)
  • Any security for costs
  • Any adverse costs

In return LPF receives a fee, usually based on a percentage of the outcome of each successful case.

Funding is provided on a “no win, no fee” basis. Applications will generally only be considered for $2 million and above. LPF Group currently provides funds for cases in a variety of areas, including insolvency related matters, building and structural defect claims and commercial litigation.

We consider funding of claims at any stage, from when a claim is first being considered through to the later stages of litigation, including appeals.

LPF Group’s value as a funder is not just limited to providing finance. LPF Group also provides strategic input on claims including investigative, management and other services and expertise on the claims which it funds. This may include for example: advice on strategy, selecting and retaining lawyers, assistance in considering legal advice and facilitating non-litigious means of resolving claims.

LPF Group’s New Zealand base and extensive ties with the local business scene, combined with experience and expertise from funding the vast majority of funded cases in New Zealand over the last decade, set it apart.

Claim Review

LPF appreciates the value and importance of expeditious reviews of applications for funding assistance, and has established procedures to ensure it can provide prompt replies.

No charge is payable for LPF Group reviewing an application for funding.

“Funding is provided on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis.”