Who We Are

Founded in 2009, LPF Group Limited is locally and privately owned, and is the largest New Zealand based litigation funder. It has a track record of successfully funding deserving legal claims.

Being locally based enables LPF Group to have a deep understanding of the market and work closely and effectively with the New Zealand professional community to facilitate effective litigation on behalf of its clients.

LPF Group invests in a diverse range of litigation cases, principally in New Zealand.

The types of cases include:

  • Insolvency, including actions against directors, preferences, professional advisors, auditors and insurers
  • Commercial, including contractual disputes, breach of warranties, IP matters and misleading conduct
  • Building and Structural claims, including building warranties, breach of duties, weather tightness issues and insurance claims

LPF Group typically funds:

  • The payment of the plaintiff’s litigation costs (including meeting legal and expert costs)
  • Any security for costs
  • Any adverse costs

In return LPF receives a fee, usually based on a percentage of the outcome of each successful case.

LPF Group’s value as a funder is not limited to providing finance. LPF Group also provides strategic input on claims, including investigative, management and other services and expertise on the claims which it funds. We have built a reputation for our strategic approach to cases we fund. Providing both financial resource and litigation strategy.

“The aim of LPF is to provide funding for meritorious cases to assist people who often have not contemplated being able to resource a fight to right a wrong or who have simply been stonewalled in an attempt to run them out of money.”